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Fair Finance Watch is a Non-Governmental Organization Focused on the Fairness of the Financial Services Industries - Banking, Insurance and Securities - to Local Communities, Urban and Rural, North and (Global) South, including under Human Rights Laws

FFW researches, documents and advocates around financial firms' activities, and how they affect local communities. The profiles below are in-process -- For or with more information, contact us.

Central America and Caribbean (Bahamas and Bermuda)

El Salvador

Regulatory agency:

Superintendencia del Sistema Financiero
7a. Avenida Norte No. 240
Apdo. Postal # 2942
San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A.
Tel.: (503) 281-2444

BANCOS PRIVADOS - private banks, including Scotiabank

Banco Agricola, S.A.
Presidente: Lic. Rodolfo Roberto Schildknecht
Gerente Gral: Don. Rolando Arturo Larín
Dirección: Blvd. Constitución No.:100, San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A.
Sitio Web:
Tel: (503) 267-5000
Fax : (503) 267-5930 Ver Junta Directiva

Banco Cuscatlán de El Salvador, S.A.
Presidente: Ing. José Mauricio Felipe Samayoa Rivas
Director Ejecutivo: Arturo Nuñez Devescovi
Dirección: Edificio Pirámide Cuscatlán Km. 10 carretera a Santa Tecla. Depto. La Libertad
Sitio Web:
Tel: (503) 228-7777
Fax : (503) 228-5700 Ver Junta Directiva

Banco de Comercio de El Salvador, S.A.
Presidente: Ing. José Gustavo Belismelis Vides
Gerente Gral: Ing. Sergio Concha
Dirección: Centro Financiero BanCo, 25 Avenida Norte y 23 Calle Poniente, San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A.
Sitio Web:
Tel: (503) 226-4577
Fax : (503) 234-3434 Ver Junta Directiva

Banco Salvadoreño, S.A.
Presidente: Sr. Félix José Simán Jacir
Gerente Gral: Ing. Gerardo José Simán Siri
Dirección: Avenida Olímpica No.3550. San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A.Apdo. Postal No.: (0673)
Sitio Web:
Tel: (503) 298-0100
Fax : (503) 298-0102 Ver Junta Directiva

Banco Americano, S.A.
Presidente: Ing. Ronald Antonio Lacayo Arguello
Vicepresid. Ejecutivo: Marlena Posada de Gómez
Dirección: Alameda Roosevelt y 47 Av. Sur, No. 2511, San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A.
Sitio Web:
Tel: (503) 250-8200
Fax : (503) 224-3783 Ver Junta Directiva

Banco Promérica, S.A.
Vicepresidente: Lic. Eduardo Alberto Quevedo Moreno
Gte. de Operaciones: Lic. Luis Enrique Martínez
Dirección: 71 Avenida Sur y Paseo General Escalón No. 3669, Col. Escalón, San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A.

Tel: (503) 245-3344
Fax : (503) 211-4257 Ver Junta Directiva

Scotiabank El Salvador, S.A.
Presidente: Sr. Luis Tomás Ivandic
Gerente Gral: Sr. Luis Tomás Ivandic
Dirección: Torre Scotiabank, Av. Olímpica No.: 129, San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A. Apdo. Postal No.: 824
Sitio Web:
Tel: (503) 245-1400
Fax : (503) 245-3303 Ver Junta Directiva

Banco UNO, S.A.
Presidente: Ing. Albino Román Ortíz
Gerente Gral: Ing. Alfredo Arellano
Dirección: Carretera a Comalapa Km. 9 Edif. Aval.
Sitio Web:
Tel: (503) 245-0055
Fax : (503) 238-2323 Ver Junta Directiva

Banco de América Central, S.A.
Presidente: Lic. Raúl Ernesto Cardenal Debayle
Gerente Gral: Ing. Gerardo Armando Ruiz Munguía
Dirección: 55 Av. Sur, entre Alameda Roosevelt y Av. Olímpica Edif. Credomatic, San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A.
Sitio Web:
Tel: (503) 298-1855
Fax : (503) 224-4138 Ver Junta Directiva

Banco ProCredit, S.A.


Regulatory contact

Central Bank of the Bahamas
P.O. Box N-4868
Nassau, N.P.
The Bahamas
Tel 1 242 3 222 193
Fax 1 242 3 224 321

"The Central Bank of the Bahamas is responsible for monitoring the stability and soundness of the financial system and of individual financial institutions. The bank is responsible for making recommendations to the Ministry of Finance concerning the issuance, revocation and adjustment of licenses for banks and trust companies operating in the Bahamas."

Laws: The Banks and Trust Companies Regulation Act, 2000$file/BTCRA.pdf

And see,

Licensed entities:


The Central Bank of the Bahamas responded to comments on Citigroup - Banamex, "enclos[ing] an extract from the Banks and Trust Companies Regulation Act, 2000 specifying the criteria for licensing of banks and trust companies including criteria for approval of beneficial ownership thereof." Also: "We regret our inability to provided copies of related applications due to statutory constraints."



Regulatory contact

Bermuda Monetary Authority
Burnaby House, 26 Burnaby Street
Hamilton HM 11 Bermuda
Tel 1 441 2 955 278
Fax 1 441 2 927 471


Experience (on HSBC-Bank of Bermuda)

In a message dated 10/30/03 9:08:19 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

Dear Mr. Lee,

I am hereby confirming receipt of your email dated October 29th. Your comments have been duly noted.

Yours sincerely

Cheryl-Ann Lister, CFA
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Bermuda Monetary Authority
E-mail: clister [at]
Telephone: (441)-295-5278
Fax: (441)-292-7471

[The above was in connection with HSBC - Bank of Bermuda

The Bank of Bermuda Limited
6 Front Street, Hamilton HM 11
PO Box HM 1020
Hamilton HM DX
Telephone No: (441) 295-4000
Facsimile No: (441) 295-7093

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         FFW researches, documents and advocates around financial firms' activities, and how they affect local communities. FFW files its findings with tribunals, regulatory agencies, and elsewhere, including on this Web site . Click here to view analyses of several multinational financial institutions' effects on consumers and the environment, worldwide: for two examples, Citigroup and HSBC. Click here for some initial brainstorming on the application of human rights and international law to the global financial services companies, and for citations (where possible, links) to resource material.  Click here for some September 2004 campaigns -- PNC/Riggs (Finance Watch Reports of August 16, 2004, onwards), J.P. Morgan Chase, etc..  Click here for an ongoing report on the campaign to reform anti-money laundering, tax haven, and bank secrecy laws.   Click here for the Human Rights Enforcement project, including its new (9/04) criminal justice and local human rights project. For or with more information, contact us.

For More information, see:
Human Rights & Finance: Predatory Lending in a Deregulated Network Economy

Banking Laws:
Bank Regulation (Microsoft Excel Download)
Bank Regulators
(global) Center for the Study of Central Banks
Bolivia-Ley Organica Del Banco Central
Banco Central De Bolivia-Boletin
Banco Central de Chile
Honduras-Indice de Precios al Consumidor
Ley del Banco Central de Honduras
Honduras-Ley Monetaria
Panama-Ley numero 20
Paraguay-Banco Central-Informativo
Paraguay-Ley Number 417
Peruvian Banking Law
Ley Organica Banco Central del Peru
Estatuto-Banco Central del Peru
Law of the Central Bank of Venezuela
Venezuela - Presidential Decree
Freedom of Information Laws
Article 19's Latin America NGO-ISO
Mexico: Federal Law of Transparency and Access to Public Government Information, signed June 11, 2002 [only covers executive branch]  LEY FEDERAL DE TRANSPARENCIA Y ACCESO A LA INFORMACION PUBLICA GUBERNAMENTAL, FECHA DE PUBLICACION: 11 de junio de 2002, FECHA DE ENTRADA EN VIGOR: 12 de junio de 2002  --

President of the Republic President Vicente Fox Quesada, Residencia Oficial de Los Pinos Colonia San Miguel Chapultepec, Fax: (+52-55) 55 22 34 26, E-mail:

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