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Fair Finance Watch is a Non-Governmental Organization Focused on the Fairness of the Financial Services Industries - Banking, Insurance and Securities - to Local Communities, Urban and Rural, North and (Global) South, including under Human Rights Laws

FFW researches, documents and advocates around financial firms' activities, and how they affect local communities. The profiles below are in-process -- For or with more information, contact us.



Banking (and insurance) regulator:

Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI)
Kent Square, 255 Albert Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0H2, Canada
Tel + (1) 613 990 7788
Fax + (1) 613 990 5591

OSFI is instructed to "strive to protect the interests of depositors, creditors and policy holders" (while at the same time "having due regard" for the fact that financial institutions should be allowed to compete effectively)

Banking law: see,

Some Experience:

The agency has confirmed that it considers public comments, for example those submitted in connection with Royal Bank of Canada - Centura, and applications by CIBC and Toronto-Dominion.

Canadian Human Rights Commission; and see

and, Canadian Community Reinvestment Coalition



Regulatory contacts:

La Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores
Attn: Lic. Ernesto Díaz González Cabrera Gerente Vicepresidencia de Asuntos Internacionales y Difusión
Avenida Insurgentes Sur 1971
Colonia Guadalupe Inn.
Delegación Alvaro Obregón
México D.F., C.P. 01020
Tel: (52) (55) 57-24-6000


Secretaria de Hacienda y Crédito Público (SHCP)
E-mail: webmaster [at]
and quejanet [at]

Consumer protection:

National Comission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users (CONDUSEF)
Insurgentes Sur # 762
Col. Del Valle,
Del. Benito Juárez,
C. P. 03100
México, D. F.
E-mail: opinion [at]

See generally:

FOI: Ley Federal de Transparencia y Acceso a la Información Pública Gubernamental

A recent comment to the CNBV on mergers was responded to:

"We thank you for your interest in our regulatory process and in our Financial System. We would like to inform you that our Commission does not receive applications for licenses or mergers nor does it provide approvals for them. The Financial Authority in charge of issuing licenses and approving mergers is Secretaria de Hacienda y Crédito Público (SHCP). Their website is

See also, "Impugan la Fusión Entre Citigroup y Banamex," Excelsior (Mexico), June 5, 2001

"Impugnan Adquisición de Banacci por Citigroup,", June 4, 2001


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         FFW researches, documents and advocates around financial firms' activities, and how they affect local communities. FFW files its findings with tribunals, regulatory agencies, and elsewhere, including on this Web site . Click here to view analyses of several multinational financial institutions' effects on consumers and the environment, worldwide: for two examples, Citigroup and HSBC. Click here for some initial brainstorming on the application of human rights and international law to the global financial services companies, and for citations (where possible, links) to resource material.  Click here for some September 2004 campaigns -- PNC/Riggs (Finance Watch Reports of August 16, 2004, onwards), J.P. Morgan Chase, etc..  Click here for an ongoing report on the campaign to reform anti-money laundering, tax haven, and bank secrecy laws.   Click here for the Human Rights Enforcement project, including its new (9/04) criminal justice and local human rights project. For or with more information, contact us.

For More information, see:
Human Rights & Finance: Predatory Lending in a Deregulated Network Economy

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